Burke Shire Economic Development Strategy

Burke Shire Economic Development Survey

Thank you for participating in the Burke Shire Economic Development Strategy Survey. As community members of Burke Shire, your opinion is valued, and will inform the Burke Shire Economic Development Strategy and Action plan which will guide the future direction of Council’s projects to develop the shire. All responses will remain anonymous.

For more information regarding the Burke Shire Economic Development Strategy please contact Council on (07) 4745 5100 or office@burke.qld.gov.au 
4.Place of Residence
5.The following questions is asking for your thoughts about Burke Shire. Please consider what are the good things about Burke Shire, the Challenges of Burke Shire and the Opportunities that could be introduced, expanded and or targeted that will help grow Burke Shire. This will help Council identify projects that will improve the growth, economy and development within the Shire.

What do you think the strengths of Burke Shire are?
6.What do you think the challenges of Burke Shire are?
7.What opportunities do you think there are for Burke Shire?
8.Do you have any other comments relating to economic development in Burke Shire? This can include comments relating to anything associated with economic development including but not limited to liveability, jobs, small business support, wellbeing, health, safety, education, housing and services etc.