Information and Talent Release Form
The 7th Global Symposium on Health Systems Research (HSR2022), the flagship event of Health Systems Global (HSG), places emphasis on political processes and health systems performance. 
HSR2022 aims to promote discussion and deliberation on:
i) the way politics shape health systems; 
ii) opportunities for improved inter-sectoral collaboration; 
iii challenges to designing and embedding equity-oriented health provision models and human resource arrangements; and 
iv) the role of primary health care and technology in all the above.
What do you have to say about these issues?
So many important lessons related to the themes above come not from formal research, but from everyday knowledge that decision-makers, implementers, and service-users possess. Yet we understand it is not always feasible for these central actors to disrupt their duties to share and showcase their reflections in person.  For HSR2022, these voices can be heard.
We are inviting short (2-3 minute) video submissions from anyone who works in, with, or uses the health system communicating your perspective on any 1 of the 4 HSR 2022 sub-themes listed above.  

Video submissions:
  • Can be recorded on any video-capable phone, laptop or camera and in any setting as long as the audio is clear
  • Must not exceed 3 minutes
  • Recorded In any language; but a written translation is appreciated for non-UN official languages
  • Must be named in the following format: First name_Surname_Subtheme number (ex. Margo_Khaki_ST3.mp4)
  • Must be accompanied by a completed information and talent release consent form 
In making the video, please begin with the following statement and fill in the xx gaps with your information:
Hello, my name is xx xx. I live/work in xx {country); I would see myself as [researcher/policy maker/service provider/advocate/other...] and I am sharing my perspective on HSR 2022 sub-theme x [state the sub-theme}.

Question Title

* 1. Please provide your personal details here:

Permission is hereby given to Health Systems Global (HSG) to:
(a) use video footage that I provide;
(b) collect from me basic identifying information to accompany any edited work;
(c) use the video for the purposes outlined in the Invitation above; and
(d) publish the resulting works or content,  in whole or in part, on the HSG website, social media, print, posters and other forums.

I agree that electronic and/or hard copy of photographic images and/or recordings of me and/or written information about me are collected and stored for the above purposes.

I understand that the images and/or recordings I provide and/or the written information about me will only be accessed by approved HSG officers for the purposes of publication; 
I understand and agree the video I provide that is subject to this Release may be made available by HSG through publicly accessible venues and websites and that the content placed may be downloaded by persons accessing such websites anywhere in the world.  I waive any right to inspect the finished product.

I understand that no fee or payment will be provided for giving this Release and any claim for remuneration or any other payment in respect of usage by HSG is waived.

I am free to give this Release and to appear in the proposed works to be published by HSG.

I am at least 18 years of age, and I have read, understood and agree with the terms of this Release.
How do I submit my video?

To submit your video, please click on this link. This will direct you to a Dropbox space on which you may upload your video.