Nomination criteria


The nominee may be any compensated personnel of a B'nai B'rith senior housing building or affiliated management company, who has demonstrated his/her commitment to serve the needs of the building and its residents.

The winner will be profiled in the Fall issue of the Seniority Report.

Question Title

* 1. Nominee:

Question Title

* 2. Nominated by:

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* 3. How many years has the nominee been involved with the building?

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* 4. Nominee’s current position.

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* 5. Please describe the reason for nominating this person for using the following criteria:

(a) nominee’s outstanding achievements and contributions to improving the lives of the residents, or improving the facility  in some way that affects the lives of  the residents or other innovative ideas that provide tangible, quantifiable benefits, giving specific examples;

(b) any  special skills or talents the nominee possesses that enables this individual to be successful, e.g., organizational skills, financial acumen, problem solving, working with others, initiative, creativity, etc.,

(c) summarize your overall impression of the nomination.