1. YouSendIt Multi-User Beta Form

Thank you for your interest in the Multi-User Beta Program. The Multi-User feature is scheduled for beta in August, 2007. It includes all the features of our Business Plus plan and with the following added services:

• Administration Panel for user management
• General User Reporting
• Each user is enabled with Password protection and certified delivery
• Unlimited Storage (Time and Size)
• Unlimited Bandwidth for upload and download of files
• Unlimited Number of download of files
• No Ads
• Each user is enabled with Password protection
• 2 GB Maximum File Size Upload
• Branded Email and Download pages
• Branded Dropbox to receive files from senders outside of your company

* 1. Please fill out your contact information for us to coordinate the Beta Program with you.

* 2. Are you an existing user of YouSendIt? Please select one from the following:

* 3. How many users are you planning to use the Multi-User service?

* 4. How many employees are in your company?

* 5. Who are the users to be included in the Multi-User service? Please select all those that applied

* 6. How often do you use or plan to use this service?

* 7. Please indicate where Multi-User service will be applied.

  Very Frequent Frequent Medium Low Minimal
Collaboration with users inside your company
Collaboration with users outside your company
Presenting documents for final approval
Sharing content with users inside your company
Sharing content with users outside your company
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