California Birth Defects Monitoring Program - Website Survey

* 1. What characteristic best describes you?

* 2. Where are you located?

* 3. What type of organization are you associated with?

* 4. Where did you find out about the CBDMP website?

* 5. What information are you looking for on the CBDMP website?

* 6. What did you find most helpful on the CBDMP website?

* 7. Please rate the following topics by degree of interest:

  Very High Interest High Interest Some Interest Low Interest Very Low Inetrest N/A
Birth Defect Prevention
Birth Defect Fact Sheets
Environmental Exposures

* 8. Please rate the following website categories by degree of usefulness:

  Very Useful Useful Somewhat Useful Not Very useful Not at all Useful N/A
News and Updates
Birth Defect Information
Data and Surveillance
Publications Presentations
Program Information
Related Topics

* 9. Please rate the following qualities of our website:

  Very Good Good Average Poor Very Poor N/A
Amount of content
Relevance of Content

* 10. Which birth defect(s) are you most concerned about?

* 11. Please rate the information on our website concerning the following birth defecets in degree of usefullness:

  Very Useful Useful Somewhat Useful Not Useful Not at all Useful N/A
Spina Bifida
Triosomy 21 (Down syndrome)
Triosomy 18 (Edwards syndrome)
Triosomy 13 (Patau syndrome)
Heart defects
Oral clefts
Abdominal wall defects (gastroschisis & omphalocele)

* 12. What would you like to see included on our website?