I am writing an article (or perhaps a series) about how women on the spectrum experience motherhood and how being on the spectrum might influence our childbearing choices. I would like to include quotes from women who are mothers, women who might have children in the future as well as women who have chosen not to have children. If you are willing to be quoted (by first name or pseudonym) please fill out as many of the questions below as you like. You don't need to fill out everything - even one question answered would be much appreciated! Any information not used in the final article will be kept completely confidential - only I can see the answers to the questions. If you are willing to answer follow-up questions by email (if needed), please include your email address (not required to participate).

* 1. Please briefly describe your current status with respect to motherhood (i.e. have child(ren), plan/want to have child(ren) in the future, do not plan/want to have any children)

* 2. Does being on the spectrum affect your childbearing choices in any way? (i.e. make you more or less likely to want/have children?) Please briefly describe how/why.

* 3. If you are a mother, how do you feel being on the spectrum affects your parenting? Any special strengths or challenges?

* 4. If you are the mother of an autistic child, do you find that there are additional challenges or benefits to having a shared neurology?

* 5. What supports do you feel would be (or would have been) helpful to you as an autistic parent? (specifically during pregnancy, infancy, early childhood, school years, or teen years, or just in general)

* 6. Name or pseudonym

* 7. Is it okay to contact you with follow-up questions? If so, please provide your email address. (not required for participation)