Call for Proposals: ORTESOL Fall Conference 2017

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Fall Conference Date: Friday, November 10 - Saturday, November 11
Location: University of Oregon, Eugene, OR
Deadline for proposals: Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2017 Fall Conference Theme: Supporting Diverse Learners in ESOL
As educators who work within such diverse educational contexts, it becomes our responsibility to serve all students while ensuring no students get left behind. The 2017 Fall Conference will delve into issues regarding our diverse learners by prompting discussions and panels relating to ABSE, students with disabilities, LGBQT students, and other learners we encounter in all grade levels. Such topics will challenge our current means of teaching inside the classroom, while providing opportunities to expand our perspectives outside the classroom. Our Fall Conference theme “Supporting Diverse Learners in ESOL” allows us to engage with the content to benefit our students while supporting all student identities.

Please submit proposals that closely align with this workshop's theme.  Please submit no more than two proposals for each presenter or group of presenters.  ORTESOL has the right to turn papers away. 

* 1. Type of Proposal:

* 2. Type of Presentation

* 3. Title -- Type title as it should appear in the ORTESOL Conference Program (limit 12 words). Title should not be in all capitals or all lower-case letters.

* 4. Session Description -- Please briefly describe your proposed session for the ORTESOL Reading Committee to evaluate your proposal (limit 250 words). DO NOT INCLUDE NAMES OF PRESENTERS OR AFFILIATIONS THAT WILL IDENTIFY THE PRESENTERS.

* 5. Abstract -- Please provide an abstract that succinctly describes your proposal (limit 50 words). This abstract will appear on the ORTESOL Conference website and ORTESOL Conference Program. Abstracts longer than 50 words will not be accepted.

* 6. Which categories best describe your proposal? Keep in mind that ORTESOL members work in a wide range of settings but share many pedagogical concerns. If your proposal addresses an issue that is relevant for many settings, please check all categories that apply so that as many ESOL educators as possible may benefit from your session.