CDFA is building a list of project examples that have used tax-exempt private activity bonds. We want to include your projects in this effort.

Please help us lead the charge to preserve private activity bonds. We need projects that have been completed in the last 2-3 years. Project examples that will resonate include healthcare, rural, education, infrastructure, manufacturing. We need you to submit basic information about each of these projects.

 If a question does not apply, you can type "N/A" to bypass the question. For questions concerning this survey, contact Tim Fisher at

* 1. Contact Information

* 2. PAB financed project name

* 3. Location that PAB was issued (City or County)

* 4. Who was the PAB issuer?

* 5. What was the total amount of the PAB issuance?

* 6. Who was the PAB underwriter?

* 7. Who was the PAB counsel?

* 8. How many jobs were supported and/or created?

* 9. Why were PABs chosen to finance this project?

* 10. What aspect of the project specifically did PAB revenue finance?