* 1. How difficult or stressful would you describe being a parent?

* 2. What is the most difficult or stressful part for you of being a parent?

* 3. How many children, by age, currently live in your household?

* 4. How likely are you to attend or listen to a program about emotional wellness and coping with stress as a parent?

* 5. What program format are you most likely to participate in? Please rank from 1 - most likely, to 7 - least likely.

* 6. Where are you most likely to attend an in-person workshop?

* 7. What topics would you most like to learn about or discuss at a Parenting Wellness workshop, teleconference or podcast?

* 8. How are you most likely to hear about a program you'd like to participate in or listen to?

* 9. Would you like to receive email announcements about programs for emotional wellness for parents or children?

* 10. If you'd like to receive email announcements, at what email address would you like to be contacted? Thank you for your help with this survey!

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