1. Background Information

The Department of Environmental Studies at Antioch University New England wants to help science teachers across the globe advance their teaching of AP Environmental Science.

Through a 1-year Advanced Teaching Certificate Program (2 one-week summer intensives and bi-monthly online conferences), a talented team of innovative faculty will help AP Environmental Science teachers enhance their teaching of AP Environmental Science.

Please complete this 13-question survey so we can customize our program to meet your professional needs. It should take less than 5-minutes.

* 1. What do you think should be the primary purpose of an Advanced Teaching Certificate Program in AP Environmental Science?

* 2. Which of the following delivery models do you think AP Environmental Science teachers would prefer?

* 3. Would this delivery model prevent you from participating?*

*Two summer, one-week sessions at Antioch New England in mid-July, and bi-monthly online audio conferences between September and May.

* 4. What do you think should be the primary focus of the first summer session?

* 5. The primary focus of the fall and spring online audio-conferencing sessions should be to support teachers with:

* 6. To advance my professional training, I would prefer to earn:

* 7. For how many years have you been teaching AP Environmental Science?

* 8. In what areas are you certified to teach? (Check all that apply)

* 9. Where do you teach? (School, City, State)

* 10. Public or Private School?

* 11. How interested are you in earning an Advanced Teaching Certificate in AP Environmental Science?

* 12. Please send me (check all that apply)

* 13. Please send more information to:
(Your information will only be used to contact you about this program.)