Encouragement, Support and Perspective for the Christian Working Mother

This survey is geared towards working mothers who are also Christians. My hope is to use the responses as well as some of my blog articles and quotes from readers, to create an e-book and eventually publish a book and/or multiple other resources for Christian Working Moms- as God leads and provides:) I feel called to be a part of ministry for Working Moms and I want to help provide encouragement, support and perspective right where you are at. Please answer all questions honestly. Your input is extremely valuable!

* 1. What kind of work do you do? Please include your job title and a brief job description.

* 2. How many children do you have? Genders? Ages?

* 3. Describe your faith.

* 4. Do you feel encouraged and supported within your local church community as a Working Mother?

* 5. Do you feel that there are sufficient resources for you as a Christian Working mother? (such as books, on-line resources, church programs, etc...)

* 6. Are you content in your present situation as a Christian Working Mother?

* 7. If you were to read a book, article about life as a Christian Working Mom- what would you be looking for?

* 8. If you had a hard time answering above- indicate which options below you would be interested in