Indicate how much you agree with the following statements:

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* 1. TRAINER EVALUATION - the trainer...

  strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree
A. exhibited full grasp of the topic
B. was sensitive to the participants’ mood
C. deepened learning by processing activities and asking stimulating questions
D. used appropriate training aids
E. helped meet the objectives of the training
F. was able to resolve conflicts and defuse difficult situations
G. explained complex ideas in easily understandable terms
H. was responsive to comments and questions

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* 2. PROGRAM EVALUATION - the training program…

  strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree
A. was delivered as planned
B. was managed efficiently
C. was well-structured
D. clearly presented the training objectives
E. successfully attained the training objectives
F. was effective in generating learning
G. used adult learning methodologies
H. followed a logical order/structure
I. encouraged contribution of all participants

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* 3. LOGISTICS EVALUATION - the food and venue...

  strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree
A. Venue had adequate illumination
B. Venue had adequate ventilation
C. Venue has enough facilities and space for needed activities
D. Food was adequate and good
E. Food was served on time

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* 4. Comments / Suggestions