Welcome in Aplustransition's assessment questionnaire. The assessment will zoom in on 5 levers that have a direct impact on expected results:

• Focus on key important goals: Chose your key important goals and ensure the organization has the capacity to realise them;
• Leadership modes: Ensure leadership is connected to teams, clients, partners and colleagues;
• Commitment: Facilitate engagement through various tools and techniques or breaking down silos;
• Internal practices and structures: Put in place flexible practices and structures to move in a rapidly changing environment;
• Culture and behaviours: Work on modifying key behaviours to ensure the sustainable success of changes.

You will need approximately 10 minutes to complete the questionnaire, and you will obtain:

1. Personalized results indicating your strengths with respect to factors that directly contribute to your changes’ cost-effectiveness, and points you might improve upon.
2. A series of personalized recommendations to put into practice that will multiply the success rate of your change initiatives.

When your questionnaire is complete, we will send you your results within three business days.

For each of the success/practice factors listed below, please indicate your assessment of the current situation. As you make your choices, take into account, to the best of your knowledge, your organization’s general performance with respect to the changes it is making.

Thank you

The Aplustransition team