The following needs assessment asks for your insight and feedback concerning the developmental needs of our students and the effectiveness of our school in facilitating their development. The results will be used to assist me in designing a long rang plan for my counseling program and in choosing pertinent topics for future classroom guidance lessons.
Please respond using the following scale to rate your priority for each need area.
5 = highest priority
4 = very important
3 = necessary
2 = optional
1 = not necessary

Please indicate our current school-wide effectiveness in meeting this need area with the following rating scale.
3 = effective
2 = somewhat effective
1 = ineffective

* 1. (Optional) Please indicate the grade level(s) you teacher.

* 5. Priority Areas

In your opinion, what are the top five (5) priority needs of your students?

* 6. Open Comment

Please comment on any of the above mentioned areas or make suggestions.