Autism Speaks and MedClaims Liaison, the patient advocacy company, are jointly conducting this survey to better understand the challenges that families confront in getting properly reimbursed for medical care and therapies related to autism. For every survey that is completed and submitted, MedClaims Liaison will make a donation to Autism Speaks.

Autism Speaks’ participation in this survey is not an endorsement of MedClaims Liaison or its services.  The survey results will help Autism Speaks understand how well it is educating the autism community about insurance reform, provide direction for an insurance tool kit that is in development, and strengthen the data presented to state lawmakers in support of autism insurance reform.

We respect your privacy and your answers will be kept strictly confidential. Thank you for your participation.

Section A. Overview of your current health insurance policy.

1. What type of insurance coverage do you currently have (check all that apply)?

2. If you have a private insurance carrier, please specify from the list below.

3. Is your child covered by a secondary insurance policy?

4. Is your healthcare coverage for yourself, or does it include coverage for you and your family (check all that apply)?

5. What is your annual out-of-network deductible?

6. Is your health insurance policy fully-funded (i.e. your insurance carrier funds the health care claims) or self-insured (i.e. your employer or plan-sponsor funds the claims)?

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