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* 1. How often do you read ebooks?

* 2. Where are you on the ebook adoption cycle?

* 3. Do you buy print and ebooks, or have you made the transition to electronic only?

* 4. Check the ebook features below that matter most to you.

* 5. On what device or devices have you read O'Reilly ebooks?

* 6. If you chose "iPhone" above, how are you reading ebooks?

* 7. Are you committed to the device and platform you're using now, or are you waiting for something better?

* 8. Whenever possible, O'Reilly provides you with three DRM-free electronic formats of each ebook--.PDF, .epub, and .mobi. Which formats have you used?

* 9. Which format do you prefer, and why?

* 10. Do you know of other publishers who are doing innovative things with ebooks? If so, tell us who they are, and what they're doing that's of value.

* 11. What can we do to improve your experience with O'Reilly ebooks?

* 12. Most ebooks are largely digitized print books. What features should the next generation of ebooks include?

* 13. Based on your experience with O'Reilly ebooks, how do you feel about the price you paid?

* 14. Why?

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