1. 2018 City of Rossland Community Survey

The City of Rossland  is launching an updated survey as part of the State of Rossland Sustainability Project.  The purpose of this project is to monitor and report on Rossland’s sustainability progress and the implementation of the Visions to Action Strategic Sustainability Plan (SSP), adopted by Rossland Council in 2008. The 2018 Community Survey will allow residents of Rossland to contribute how they feel the City of Rossland is doing on several sustainability indicators, outlined by the City of Rossland and the Rossland Sustainability Commission. Specifically, this survey will collect information on residents’ opinion of their:

-          Sense of community
-          participation in recreation activities
-          overall satisfaction with the governance in Rossland.  

The 2018 Community Survey will be a reflection over the last 3 years, from 2014-2017. The information collected by this survey will be used along with information on other indicators to provide an updated view on the success of the SSP. This will assist in outlining future sustainability efforts and priorities by the Sustainability Commission and the Rossland City Council.

All household members over the age of 14 may complete this survey. Please complete by July 31st, 2018.

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17% of survey complete.