* 1. Actor/Actress

  Kylan Goodwin-John Proctor: Crucible (Best Actor) Sam Martinez-Harold Hill: Music Man (Best Actor) Cassie White- Elizabeth Proctor: Crucible (Best Actress) Michaelann Acord- Abigail Williams: Crucible (Best Actress) Heather Bodine- Marian Paroo: Music Man (Best Actress) Emma Smith- Hecuba: Trojan Women (Best Actress)
Best Actor
Best Actress

* 2. Supportings

  Chandler Beers- Mayor Shinn: Music Man (Supporting Actor) Nate Roberson- Dan Forth: Crucible (Supporting Actor) Bryce Jack- Menelaus: Trojan Women (Supporting Actor) Christian Affleck- Marcellus: Music Man (Supporting Actor) Addie Wray- Mrs. Paroo: Music Man(Supporting Actress) Emilee Stewart- Helen: Trojan Women (Supporting Actress) Cheyenne Uhler- Cassandra: Trojan Women (Supporting Actress) Isabelle Siebeneck- Nerissa: Shakespeare (Supporting Actress)
Supporting Actor
Supporting Actress

* 3. Cameo

  Jordan Allred- Giles Corey: Crucible Kirby Balding- Francis Nurse: Crucible Jaren Sierer- Conductor: Music Man Kylan Goodwin- Charlie Cowell: Music Man Max Carter- Stymax: Trojan Women Lyndsey Nelson- Martha Corey: Crucible Sophie Brown- Betty: Crucible

* 4. Musical Numbers/ Ensemble

  Trojan (Ensemble) Pick-a-little Ladies (Ensemble OR Musical Number) Crucible Girls (Ensemble) Music Man/ D.C. (Ensemble) Shipoopi (Musical Number) Marian the Librarian ( Musical Number) Addie Wray- Backwards Broadway (Musical Number) Ashley Tomlinson- Backwards Broadway (Musical Number)
Musical Number

* 5. Best Dynamic Duo/ Mom and Dad

  Addie and Noah (Dynamic Duo) Bryce and Michealann (Dynamic Duo) Jaren and Abram (Dynamic Duo) Annie and Chandler (Dynamic Duo) Emma Smith (Mom) Jezory Munoz (Mom) Sam Martinez (Dad) Connor O'Hagan (Dad) Kirby Balding (Dad) Noah Brock (Dad) Parker Sackewitz (Dad)
Dynamic Duos

* 6. Best Kiss/ Dancer /Costume

  Bryce and Michaelann: Music Man (Kiss) Kylan and Michaelann: Shakespeare (Kiss) Heather and Sam: Music Man (Kiss) Kylan and Cassie: Crucible (Kiss) Dance Company (Dancers) Marian the Librarian (Dancers) All Music Man Boys (Dancers) Bre Howlett- Green Dress :Crucible (Costume) Jezory Munoz- Pituba: Crucible (Costume) Ashleigh Irvine- Costume Director Crucible (Costume)

* 7. Best bloopers/ Cover ups

  Heather and Sam- Sniff instead of Kiss: Music Man(Blooper) Addie Wray- Walked into the door: Music Man (Blooper) Pick-a-Little Ladies- Super sexy/flirty Background reactions: Music Man (Blooper) Kylan and Sam- Sam actually punched Kylan: Music Man (Cover Up) Sam- Winthrop misses cue: Music Man (Cover Up) Bryce Jack- Boys missed their cues: Trojan (Cover Up) Sophie Brown- Dropping the microphone: Crucible (Cover Up)
Cover ups

* 8. Best Struiks/ Barker and Soren

  Cassie White (Struiks) Cheyenne Uhler (Struiks) Lauren McHenry (Struiks) McKenna Armstrong (Struiks) Max Carter (Struiks) Heather Bodine (Barker) Zoe Bradley (Barker) Brooklyn Crosby (Barker) Lucas Olsen (Soren) Connor O'Hagan (Soren)

* 9. Best One Liner

  "WHAAAAAAAATTTTTT?" (Everyday!) -McKenna Armstrong "Tither, Fither, Flip....." (Indian Tounge in Musica Man) -Cassie White "I LIKE THE NEWSPAPER!" (Quartet arguing in Music Man) -Ben Houseman "Remember when you use to imitate that old conductor.... Shabistary!" (Sam and Marcellus talking in Music Man) -Christian Affleck
One Liner