A MULTI-GENERATIONAL facility is accessible, safe and inclusive for the entire Community.

MULTI-GENERATIONAL facilities and programs are those that provide opportunities for different generations to come together and share experiences, knowledge and skills that are mutually beneficial and foster long-term relationships.  By 2040, almost half of the US population will be comprised of people under the age of 18 and over the age of 65.  The creation of opportunities to embrace uniqueness, learn from differences and diversity, and celebrate strengths will be key in crafting a facility in which the entire Community feels a sense of pride and ownership.  Integral to all multi-generational facilities / programs are the interactions that meet the needs of all residents by fostering growth, understanding, and friendship between generations. 

Please take 5 minutes our of your day to help us craft a new Multi-Generational Community and Recreation Center that will best suit your needs.
Thank you for your help!

The City of Tracy Parks and Recreation Department

* 1. What are the age ranges that most closely represent the members of your household? (select all that apply)

* 2. What is the number of children (under 18) in your household?

* 3. How often do you visit a City of Tracy Park or Facility?

* 6. In general, what activities/programs do you participate in through the City Parks and Recreation Department?

* 7. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the current park facilities offered in the City of Tracy.

* 8. Please rate your level of satisfaction with the current activities/programs offered by the City of Tracy.

* 9. What element do you believe is most important in choosing the location for a new Multi-Generational Recreation and Community Center?

* 10. The City is seeking feedback from the Community that are the most important to you in order to broaden the recreational opportunities of Tracy residents.  If a new Multi-Generational Recreation and Community Center were to be built in Tracy, what features are the most important to you?  Please rank the following choices - 1 being highest priority, 5 being lowest priority.

  1 2 3 4 5
Banquet Hall
Indoor Gymnasium
Indoor Fitness and Weight Room
Adult programming / classes
Senior programming / classes
Teen programming / classes
Kids programming / classes
Library / Educational Center
Technology Center
Multi-Purpose Rooms
Administration Offices
Outdoor Recreation Facilities
Outdoor Fitness / Exercise / Trails

* 11. If you could only select one, what improvement or amenity would you like to see in the proposed Multi-Generational Recreation Center?  This can include any type of building or land improvement or program.