Webinar Certificate Quiz

Thank you for attending our webinar, “Sexual Violence Research.” We hope you enjoyed it! Below you will find a quiz to evaluate your understanding of the concepts in the webinar and to gather your feedback on the quality of the webinar. You can expect your certificate within two weeks of completing the evaluation and quiz. Your certificate is your proof of attendance and can be used for professional development credits and units. 
If you have a question that wasn’t answered during the video, we are happy to answer your questions. We're always looking for fresh ideas and concepts to share through our webinar series so if you have an idea for a new webinar contact us and let us know. 
You can reach us at (801) 746-0404 or info@ucasa.org.

* 1. What does the SANE acronym stand for?

* 2. Approximately how many charts can be coded per hour?

* 3. What percentage of perpetrators are strangers to the survivor?

* 4. What is the most common location for a sexual assault to occur?

* 5. What percentage of survivors report having a pre-existing medical problem?

* 6. What percentage of survivors self-disclose having depression?

* 7. What percentage of survivors use psychotropic medications?

* 8. The most vulnerable age group for sexual assault is 25-35 years old.

* 9. Freezing, as it relates to the flight, flight, or freeze response, is more accurately called ___________ __________.

* 10. What percentage of survivors report losing consciousness or awareness during the assault?

* 11. What percentage of Sexual Assault Kits (SAKs) were submitted within one year of the assault across all of the sites?

* 12. What characteristics made it more likely that a SAK would be submitted?

* 13. How much did the unsubmitted SAKs cost the State of Utah?