This project seeks to improve well-being in the workplace, including mental, physical, and financial health, as well as support workplace leaders and managers in making the best decisions about these issues.


Your perspective is very important during this critical time. This 10-15 minute survey invites your insights and opinions about well-being.  Survey results will be shared through Chambers of Commerce and Public Health agencies throughout the New York area.

Know Before You Start (Information Requested)

Any information you provide will be confidential. Results will be reported in aggregate only. Individual responses will not be identifiable in any report. 

The survey asks for information you may need before proceeding. Click here for a pdf of the survey to help prepare you for questions about organization size, employee information on wage, hours worked, and financial investment in wellness.

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Please email aldrich@organizationalwellness.com if you have questions about this survey.  

Note. If you work in a Human Resource (HR) Department or have a job relating to the HR function, please answer the survey questions with regards to your local work area.
14% of survey complete.