* 1. Have you heard of Edible San Diego?

* 2. If yes, how often in the past year have you read Edible San Diego?

* 3. If no, and you are now learning that there is a food magazine that covers all of San Diego County and its residents, please indicate which of the following would be of interest to you in this magazine:

* 4. What is your overall satisfaction with the magazine?

* 5. How long do you keep your copies of Edible San Diego?

* 6. What format do you usually use to read Edible San Diego?

* 7. These are the sections that appear regularly in Edible San Diego. Please indicate how often you read or look at them.

  Never Rarely Sometimes Usually Always
Local Talent
Liquid Assets
Kitchen Know-How
The Good Earth
To Your Health
Grow It
Young Farmers
Sandwich at Home
Edible Reads

* 8. Do you regularly read the advertisements?

* 9. Do you consider the content of the advertisements:

* 10. How long have you patronized companies advertising in Edible San Diego?

* 11. How do you receive the magazine?

* 12. If you pick up your free copy, where do you regularly pick up?

* 13. What other topics would you like to read about in Edible San Diego’s print magazine?

* 14. If you are reading Edible San Diego digitally, what device do you use?

* 15. Have you ever visited the Edible San Diego website?
If yes, what was the reason for your visit?

* 16. If yes, how frequently do you visit the Edible San Diego website?

* 17. What kind of events would you like to see from Edible San Diego? Please check the activities you are most interested in.

* 18. What type of content would you like to see on the Edible San Diego website?

About You

* 19. In what ZIP code do you live? (enter 5-digit ZIP code; for example, 00544 or 94305)

* 20. Age

* 21. Gender

* 22. Education

* 23. Income

* 24. Do you shop at natural foods grocery stores?

* 25. How often do you dine out?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our survey. We look forward from hearing from you!

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