1. About Health 关于健康

Dear friends,

This simple survey is set up to understand public health status and health consciousness, in order to facilitate specific and relevant public health education. It also collects opinion towards health supplementing which is becoming a trend in modern lifestyle.

Thank you for spending your precious time to contribute to the wellness community. There are only 10 questions and should not take more than 5min to complete :)

Sincerely thank you!
Kee Yew






* 1. How do you rate your health status?

  Strongly Disagree 非常不同意 Disagree 不同意 Neutral 中立 Agree 同意 Strongly Agree 非常同意 No comment 没意见
I exercise at least 3 times a week (>20min/session)每周运动至少3次(每次至少20分钟)
I am free from diseases 无病痛
I do not feel guilty relaxing occassionally 不因偶尔松懈而感不安
I sustain my day without stimulants like coffee, tea & cigarette 无需咖啡,茶和香烟等刺激性物品提神
I have good appetite everyday 食欲良好
I pass bowel motion everyday 每日排便通畅
I am emotionally balanced 情绪稳定
I sleep well every night 睡眠安稳

* 2. How do you rate the content of plant-based food in your diet?

* 3. What is/are the health topic(s) that you would be interested at a public health seminar? (may choose more than one answer)
您对什么健康课题比较有兴趣? (可选择多项)

* 4. What is your opinion about health supplement?

  Strongly Disagree 非常不同意 Disagree 不同意 Neutral 中立 Agree 同意 Strongly Agree 非常同意 No comment 没意见
Supplement is necessary to maintain a healthy modern lifestyle 营养补助品对于现代健康生活是有必要的
Most supplements in the market are reasonably priced 市面上营养补助品的价格是公道的
Most supplements in the market are of good quality 市面上营养补助品的品质都优良

* 5. How do you rank these factors when considering to purchase a health supplement? (1 being most important, 7 being the least important)

  1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Potency Guarantee 活性成分保证
Clinical Trials 临床试验
Safety 安全
Manufacturer/Country of Origin 制造商/国家
Price 价格
Brand 品牌
Friends' recommendation/Testimonials 朋友推荐与见证