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* 1. Do you believe that the current technology we use in our everyday lives is available for any kind of user?

* 2. How well developed/advanced do you believe our current technology for helping disabled individuals is?

* 3. How accessible do you think these type of products are for disabled individuals? (Have you seen a lot of disabled individuals use these technologies?)

* 4. Do you know of any products or tools that are specifically designed to aid disabled individuals?

* 5. In your household, are there any individuals who could use one of these products but don't actually have access to them? Why don't they have access to these products?

* 6. Where do you believe that these technologies are being mainly developed?

* 7. Hypothetically, if you were in need of one of these products, How much money would you be willing to spend on them?

* 8. Would you say that technology helps you in your life? What benefits do you believe that these products could provide to disabled individuals? (you can check multiple answers)

* 9. If these products could improve the lives of these people, How do you believe that these individuals could give back to the community?

* 10. In case that a foundation were created that dedicated itself to the development of these products, Would you be willing to help? What sort of help would you give in order to help the implementation of this tecnology?