Nervo-Scope Education Series

Since 1943 EDL has designed, engineered and manufactured industrial temperature measurement products for numerous industries and specific thermal detection equipment for the chiropractic community. The nervous system uses vasoconstriction and vasodilatation of the capillary bed to help regulate body temperature. Irritations cause the skin's natural temperature symmetry to fall out of balance from the left to right side of the spine.  Nervo-Scope® reliably detects and measures minute heat differences in the tissues along the spine. The instrument can be used comfortably for both pre and post adjustment assessment.

A large meter scale with a fluorescent pointer makes even the smallest temperature change easy to read. The sensing detectors can be adjusted from 0.6” wide to 2.1” wide to accommodate infants and adults.

Demonstration of Nervo-Scope

We are developing a new product that will be a single unit with Bluetooth technology to communicate with a computer platform. Software will be included for allowing direct input for patient information and graphing storage among the new features. The graphing system will allow for multiple overlays to track results during the adjustment assessment.

* 1. How familiar are you with the Nervo-Scope?

* 2. What chiropractic college did/do you attend?

* 3. Were you trained on the Nervo-Scope in school?

* 4. Do you use instrumentation in your clinical study groups/practice?

* 5. If using a Nervo-Scope in your practice, what features would you like to see incorporated into the software design?

* 6. When you think about the Nervo-Scope, do you think of it as something you need or don’t need?

* 7. What patient instrumentation information would you like to be able to save, re-create, print, graph, etc?

* 8. How important is affordability?

* 9. What would be a reasonable cost for an instrument and chart recorder combo that does the following:

* 10. What would make you more likely to use the Nervo-Scope?

* 11. Please rate the level of importance to you of the following features available in instrumentation?

  1 2 3 4
Service Plans
Software Interface

* 12. Do you have any other comments, questions, or concerns?