Charting Outcomes: Activities and Spokespeople

The Ottawa Child and Youth Initiative (OCYI) brings together people and organizations from across Ottawa who want to provide better services to the children and youth in our community. To help us improve our services for our members, we want to hear from you!

In 2014, OCYI released Charting Outcomes: Community Actions for Healthy Development of Children and Youth in Ottawa. This report highlighted 12 key outcome indicators that organizations are working collaboratively to improve in our community. Regular updates on each indicator highlight the work currently happening across the city, and provide opportunities for media engagement with these important issues. With this in mind, we are aiming to prepare a list of experts/spokespersons for the media to contact in each of our priority areas.

We would like to know the areas your organization is involved with, and whether there is an expert in your organization who would be able to speak authoritatively on one or more of these topics.

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* 1. Please tell us about yourself:

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* 2. If you are the lead representative from your agency: please identify the areas in which your agency is involved, and/or in which you have a potential expert/media spokesperson.

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  My agency has a key role in this area There is an expert in my organization who is a potential media spokesperson
Supporting Breastfeeding
Prenatal Health
Baby Friendly Initiative
Child and Youth Mental Health
Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health
Injury Prevention
Head Injury in Children and Youth
Violence Against Women
Children Witnessing Violence
Family and Youth Homelessness
Promoting Physical Activity
Youth Employment
Youth Justice
Pre-Charge Diversion Practices
School Readiness
Inclusive Practices for Children with Developmental Concerns
Enhancing Literacy and Numeracy Skills for Children and Youth
Supporting Students to Complete High School
Youth Engagement
Engaging Parents in Programs/Parent Engagement

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* 3. Please identify your agency's possible spokesperson (if applicable):