Thank you for your willingness to provide feedback to our shepherds and the Minister Search Team.  Every member or attendee of the Lamar Ave Church of Christ 15 years and older is eligible to complete the survey. Your input is valuable to us, and it is important that we hear all voices as we seek to discern the call of God. 

Your responses will be anonymous.  Neither your name nor your IP address will be associated with your responses.  Only aggregated data will be reported.  Results of the survey will be shared with church leadership and the search committee, along with a summary being provided to the congregation. Several questions are worded as they are for bench-marking purposes with other churches.

Five sections are included in this assessment: demographics, personal spiritual walk, church culture, minister preference, and your hopes for the future of our church.

The survey takes around 30-45 minutes to complete so give yourself enough time to get all the way through and provide thoughtful answers; the survey must be completed in one sitting. It's recommended the survey be taken on a desktop computer, laptop or tablet device. You will become grumpy if you try to take this assessment on a smartphone.

Please complete the survey by October 1, 8 PM. Thank you in advance for your time!
6% of survey complete.