This survey is part of my research for my Senior Design Project at The College of New Jersey. The following questions are based on bike safety and interactions with cars from a driver's perspective. Once you have completed the survey, please click the "Finished" button at the end. If you would like to receive the followup survey in a few weeks time, please leave your contact information at the end. Your personal information will not be shared with anybody and is for my own research. Thank you.

* 1. As a driver, how frequently do you share the road with cyclists?

* 2. What time of day you usually see them?

* 3. Where are you driving when you see cyclists?

* 4. Do you feel safe when there are cyclists around?

* 5. Do you notice any of the following things cyclists use to warn drivers of their presence/intentions?

* 6. Do you think any of these safety measures make a positive difference in making drivers more aware of a biker's presence/intentions?

* 7. Do you know what each cycling hand signal means?

* 8. Do you or do any of the people in your household ride a bike, and if so, what level rider would they be?

  N/A Recreational/Beginner Endruance Junky Semi-Pro/Professional
Family Member

* 9. How would you rate the roads as far as cycling infrastructure is concerned in the areas you most frequently see cyclists?

* 10. Please fill out your contact information for my research and to be contacted with a followup survey in the coming weeks. Thank you.