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2. How soon after a movie opens do you usually go see it in a theater?

3. What are some of the movies you have recently seen in the theater? (List as many as you wish.)

4. With whom do you usually go to the movies? (Check all that apply.)

5. When you go to the movies with others, who typically selects the movie you end up seeing? (Select one response only.)

6. Which of the following things do you usually do after seeing a movie in the theater? (Check all that apply.)

8. Which of the following types of movies have you seen in the past twelve months? (Check all that apply.)

9. Who are some of your favorite actors? (List as many as you wish.)

10. Which of the following are you likely to purchase in the next twelve months? (Check all that apply.)

11. How many movies have you rented on DVD in the past month?

12. How many movies on DVD have you purchased in the past month -- either for yourself or as a gift?

13. Where do you purchase DVDs or download movies? (Check all that apply.)

14. What kind of movies do you buy on DVD?

15. What would make you wait for the DVD release to see a movie?

16. If you've seen a movie in the theater already, what would motivate you to purchase it on DVD?

17. Have you ever bought a DVD that you haven't seen in the movie theater? If so, why?

18. Do you buy DVD collections/box sets? If so, which types?

19. When you're not viewing a fave from your DVD collection, what types of programs do you watch on TV?

20. How many hours of TV do you watch each week?

21. What are your can't-miss shows?

22. How do you watch your faves each week?

23. Which network do you watch the most?

24. Do you prefer broadcast or cable?

25. How about premium cable or commercial programming?

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31. How many people under the age of 18 currently live in your household?

32. What is your household income?