Please take a few minutes to complete this brief survey on the 2010 Coastal Synthesis workshop. Your input is critical to helping us improve future workshops. Thank you in advance for your feedback.

1. Please comment on the effectiveness of the workshop logistics:

  Very effective Somewhat effective Not Effective
Workshop website
Pre- and post-meeting email communications
Organization of workshop
Workshop materials (distributed at workshop – i.e. folders, handouts, etc.)
Workshop venue (Courtyard Marriott)
Workshop timing

2. How effective and interesting was the plenary session?

3. Which process breakout session did you attend?

4. How effective was this breakout in terms of identifying, characterizing, and prioritizing key processes and sub-processes in the coastal carbon budget, both from a data and modeling perspective?

5. Which regional breakout session did you attend?

6. How effective was this breakout in terms of identifying existing regional data and modeling resources (i.e. spreadsheets)?

7. How helpful and informative were the background materials (e.g., North American Continental Margins report by Hales et al., 2008) that were posted on the website in preparing you for this workshop?

8. Please comment on the effectiveness of the final session on data and modeling needs to move this synthesis activity forward.

9. Did this workshop (and its organizers) clearly convey the objectives and anticipated outcomes of the coastal interim synthesis activity?

10. Do you want to be involved in moving the coastal interim synthesis activity forward as a result of attending this workshop?

100% of survey complete.