* 1. I shop at the Emporia Farmers Market: 

* 2. If you are not a frequent shopper, what are some reasons why?  (Please choose top two)

* 3. Are you satisfied with our downtown location on 7th Avenue, between Merchant and Commercial Street?

* 4. What are some of the benefits of our downtown location? (Please choose up to two)

* 5. What are some of the challenges of our downtown location? (Please choose up to two)

* 6. What would encourage you to shop more often at the farmers market? (Please choose up to two)

* 7. What items would you like to see available for purchase at the market?

* 8. What items do you typically purchase from the farmers market? (Please check all that apply)

* 9. What features of the farmers market do you find most enjoyable and/or beneficial? (Please choose up to two)

* 10. What suggestions do you have for increasing customer traffic and sales at the farmers market?  How can we encourage younger shoppers and families to purchase items from the farmers market?

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