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Plain Language Statement
Introduction to the Research Study:

Physical Activity Levels of Older Adults in Laois
DCU, School of Health and Human Performance
Principal Investigator: Dr. Siobhán O Connor,
Contact details: siobhan.oconnor@dcu.ie; 017008579
Other Investigators: Dr Diane Cooper.

Details of What Involvement Will Require:
This study wants to determine how physically active older adults (50-90yrs) in Laois are and any barriers to physical activity that you may experience. The outcomes from this study will help the Laois Sports Partnership design physical activity programmes for the Laois area for the next three years. You will be asked to complete a questionnaire that takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. This questionnaire will ask you about your physical activity habits, the type and amount of physical activity that you take part in weekly and any factors that limit you in taking part in physical activity.

Confidentiality and Use of Data:
Confidentiality and anonymity is of upmost importance in this study. You will anonymously complete the survey, which will not request any identifying personal information including your name, address or date of birth. If you complete the hard copy of the questionnaire, the research team will transfer these results directly to a Microsoft Excel sheet, which will be password locked. The hardcopy of the questionnaire will be stored in a locked cabinet. It must be noted that protection of this data is subject to legal limitations. It is possible for data to be subject to subpoena, freedom of information claim or mandated reporting by some professions.

Benefits (Direct or Indirect) to Participants
You will have the opportunity to provide information on the amount of type of physical activity that you take part in. This will form the basis for physical activity initiatives in Laois over the next three years.

Potential Risks to Participants
There are no serious potential risks to you. Following completion of the questionnaire, if you have any concerns about your physical activity and your barriers to physical activity, you should discuss your concerns with your General Practitioner (GP).

Voluntary Involvement:
Involvement within this research project is purely voluntary. You are free to withdraw from the study at any stage without prejudice or reason. There will be no penalty enforced on any participants wishing to quit prior to the study being completed.

Other Relevant Information:
Your involvement/non-involvement in this research project will in no way affect any on-going relationship with Dublin City University.

 If participants have concerns about this study and wish to contact an independent person please contact:

The Secretary,
Dublin City University Research Ethics Committee,
c/o Research and Innovation Support,
Dublin City University, Dublin 9.
Tel 01-7008000,
E-mail: rec@dcu.ie

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