Second Time Treasures is doing some planning.  Please help shape our future by answering a few questions.  Your feedback will be considered in our planning process.  The survey only takes 3- 5 minutes to complete. Thank you for sharing your time and thoughts with us.

Please tell us about yourself:

* Gender

* Age:

* Age of Children

* Are you a parishioner of St Leo:

* What is your zip code?

* What church or community activities are you involved with?

* Do you shop at Second Time Treasures?

* Please share your thoughts about Second Time Treasures:

Second Time Treasures lives its mission statement: 
“Second Time Treasures provides gently used, donated items to other who can use them, as their means will allow.  Through this ministry, we assist people to meet their needs with dignity, provide a sense of community and offer a place for volunteers, as a part of their stewardship, to do Christ’s Work.”

* I shop at Second Time Treasures:

* I feel welcome at Second Time Treasures:

* Items are priced fairly at Second Time Treasures:

* I have shopped on and found Second Time Treasures goods on Craigslist:

* Besides Second Time Treasures, I have shopped for second-hand items in the last year at the following: (check all that apply). 

* I donate goods to Second Time Treasures:

* I donate goods to other thrift shops:

* I donate to Second Time Treasures because: (check all that apply)

* I don’t donate to Second Time Treasures because

* I volunteer my time at Second Time Treasures:

* I do not volunteer at Second Time Treasures because: (check all that apply)

* What can we do to get more people involved at Second Time Treasures Ministry?

* How likely are you to recommend someone to Second Time Treasures?

* What are your suggestions for Second Time Treasures?

* I am interested in talking more in depth with someone about Second Time Treasures.

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