Youth Employment & CTE Working Group Application

We appreciate your interest in joining our collaborative effort to empower youth, foster innovation in workforce development and education, and advocate for economic opportunity for all. This application is designed to gather essential information about your background, interests, qualifications, and availability to ensure that our working group is comprised of a diverse array of perspectives and expertise. Through this application process, we aim to assemble a dedicated team of individuals who are committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of young people and the future of Alexandria. Thank you for taking the time to apply and for your dedication to this important initiative.

Applications are due by 5:00pm March 31st, 2024

Working Group Outcomes:
1. Learning Journey: Working group members will participate in a learning journey to gain knowledge about strategic and systemic models to create strong pathways for youth to thriving futures & careers.

2. Goal Alignment: Working group members will work together to open systems, align goals & objectives across different sectors, and within our community; ensuring that we are strategically maximizing our collective impact.

3. Shared Investment: Working group members will identify areas where additional funding and shared investment will facilitate youth empowerment and enhance their access to education, training, and holistic support.
Personal Information
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6.The working group will be comprised of members representing a cross section of sectors and demographics. Which do you represent? You may select multiple options.(Required.)
7.What interests you in joining the Youth Employment & CTE Working Group? (Max 300 words) (Required.)
8.Share initiatives from your past experiences that showcase your dedication to promoting youth empowerment, fostering innovation in workforce & education, and advocating for economic opportunity for all. (Max 300 words) (Required.)
9.What goals do you have in your work that are related to education innovation, youth empowerment, career readiness and/or economic mobility? (Max 300 words) (Required.)
10.What is your greatest strength on a team? (Max 300 words) (Required.)
11.PLEASE HOLD APRIL 18th 2024, from 9:00am- 10:30am for our Kick-off Meeting. More details will follow. Please indicate whether or not available on this date. (Required.)
Working Group Timeline:

Mid-April through the end of September:
Monthly 90-minute learning journey sessions, these will be open to all interested parties, exploring topics related to youth empowerment, education & workforce innovation, and economic opportunity.
Late-April through the end of September: Monthly 60- minute subgroup meetings for Working Group members only, here we will delve deeper into the monthly learning journey topic, discuss & identified shared goals, and explore potential areas of collaboration.
October: Provide feedback on cumulative shared goal development based on information gathered from subgroup meetings.
November: Attend service provider convening to identify potential areas of shared investment.
December: Attend action planning meeting for implementation planning.

Please inform us of any scheduling conflicts or limitations that may affect your availability for meetings and sessions
12.Please inform us of any scheduling conflicts or limitations that may affect your availability for meetings and sessions. This is for informational purposes and will not prohibit your eligibility for participation.
13.How did you learn about the Working Group? (Required.)
14.Do you have specific needs or accommodations that would facilitate your participation?
15.We also want to eliminate barriers to participation for the working group, as well as compensate participants for their time and expertise. We are raising funds to provide stipends for working group members. Please indicate whether you would be interested in receiving a stipend. Please note this will NOT have any bearing on your application selection.(Required.)
16.Is there anything else you would like for us to know?
Thank you for your interest in joining the Youth Employment & CTE Working Group. Your application will be reviewed, and you will be notified of the outcome by the end of March. If you have any questions, please contact Working Group Manager, Najmah Ahmad at
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