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Fully Human: Toward Full Participation of People with Disabilities in the Orthodox Church

The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese recently launched a new ministry, Fully Human, to serve Orthodox Christians with disabilities, their caregivers and family members, the church communities to which they belong, and anyone who finds these resources to be helpful and life-giving.

The mission of Fully Human is to provide support, resources, replicable ministry models, to remove misunderstandings about disabilities, and to affect change toward full participation of people with disabilities and their families in the life of Orthodox Christian parishes.

We seek input from those we wish to serve in order to guide our priorities as we begin this work. Thank you for spending a few minutes taking this short, confidential survey. Should you wish to share your name and contact information so that we may connect you to resources, you will have the opportunity in the survey to do so. If you would like to connect with the Director of Fully Human, please email Melanie DiStefano at

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* 1. Please help us understand your role/interest in disability ministry in the Orthodox Church: (check all that apply)

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* 2. If you or a family member has a disability, please tell us the age range(s) of the person(s).

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* 3. Please describe the types of disabilities experienced in your family or church community for which you wish to see more resources in the Orthodox Church: (check all that apply and/or use the Other box)

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* 4. What types of resources are you most interested in?

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* 5. What specific resource topics below most resonate with you? Choose 3-5 topics.

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* 6. If you would like to be included on an email list serve to receive regular resource updates from "Fully Human" including memes, articles, podcasts, webinars, videos, enter your email address below.

Thank you for your input! God bless you!

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