I make art and DIY tutorial and speed painting videos on YouTube. I want to make more video tutorials in 2017 and want to know which ones you'd be most interested in watching. These tutorials will go either to my YouTube channel, Ivy Lily Creative, or (the longer and more thorough tutorials) on a site like Skillshare.

Art tutorials: Tutorials of different art mediums and techniques. Slower videos of my painting process with instructional commentary. Example: Sugar Watercolor Painting Tutorial.

Crafts tutorials: Crafts tutorials using especially natural or recycled materials. Examples: DIY Willow Wreath, How to Decorate a Shoebox.

Tech tutorials: Image editing tutorials using GIMP and Adobe programs, video editing tutorials using HitFilm 4 Express, Adobe Premiere Pro and Windows Movie Maker. Example: How to Edit Artwork with GIMP.

* 1. Which type of video tutorials would you like to watch?

* 2. Which topic would you most like to learn about? It could be certain art medium, craft skill, software etc.