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The results of this survey may give owners a voice and encourage the legislators to make laws to protect homeowners. HOA industry lobby groups have influenced the laws for decades, resulting with the troubled HOA industry we have today. Problems in HOAs are not isolated incidents. Any unintended consequences will not come close to the benefits owners will receive with proper laws being made to protect the owners. This survey is based on Arizona, but the problems are common through out the United States.

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Thank you for participating in our survey. Your feedback is important.

* 1. The HOA management companies and managers are NOT licensed and regulated. The HOA industry lobby group does not want managers licensing, but may agree to be credentialed. But credentialing would be like a real estate agent being a part of their lobby group, but not actually being licensed by the Dept of Real Estate. The Dept of Real Estate has the power to fine, revoke and suspend a license, which is why we need licensing, not credentialing.

Should HOA management companies and managers be licensed and regulated?

* 2. Many times owners are sent cease and desist letters just for asking questions, sent violations based on unreasonable rules, sued over paint, garbage cans, a few weeds, etc. Sometimes HOAs simply refuse to comply with the law and not allow owners to see the HOA records, and break open meeting laws.

Should there be a licensing department that can enforce the owner's rights, and assist owners with problems with the HOA Board and/or HOA management company, rather than owners having to hire an attorney?

* 3. Reserve Studies are the best indicator of the financial health of an HOA, giving Boards direction with suggested savings needed per year and planning for capital improvements. It is estimated that over 70% of HOAs are underfunded.

In condominium/townhouse communities with over 50 units, should the HOA be required to have a recent Reserve Study?

* 4. If the law changes and condominium/townhouse communities are required to have reserve studies, how often should the reserve study be performed?

* 5. There could be problems in an HOA that a buyer would want to know such as if 50% of the roofs leak in rain storms, and if there is a pending slip and fall insurance claim that could turn into a lawsuit.

Should HOAs be required to provide similar documents as home sellers; HOA Community Disclosure Statement and the insurance claims history?

* 6. Currently a new owner could be required to remedy an undisclosed violation, such as removing that extra parking slab, moving a fence, painting their house, etc.

If the HOA fails to disclose a violation prior to a buyer closing on a property, should the violation be allowed and grandfathered in for the new owner?

* 7. At your HOA meeting, is your HOA discussing that they might not heat the pool anymore? Are they discussing a possible special assessment? These examples are things that may be important to some owners and potential buyers.

Should meeting minutes be thorough and disclose all discussions at the HOA meeting so any anyone can see what occurred and was discussed?

* 8. Should the HOA be legally required to provide a buyer copies of the last year of meeting minutes, newsletters, violation and collection policies?

* 9. Should homeowners have the right to petition and vote on requiring the Board to change the HOA property management company in their HOA (similar to the statutes on how to recall a Board member)?

* 10. When there is a petition to recall a member of the Board, should there be a law that the Board can not use HOA funds to pay the HOA attorney to fight the owner's petition?