Welcome to SnapShot Research - innovative research capturing the current state of mind of the digital professional. It is research powered by The Institute for Digital Transformation with an ambition to define and analyze the current status, progress, and challenges of digital transformation. The SnapShot research will be released on a monthly basis and the outcome will be available by The Institute for Digital Transformation and The Goodwind Company. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further analysis and bench-marking.

This month's Snapshot Research concerns Digital Trends. We are everyday overwhelmed by new trends and concepts as part of digitalization that can or cannot improve our performance or competitiveness.

The assessment allows us to rate the current relevance and value of key digital trends and concepts in the market. Each trend/concept will be categorized in six phases. The outcome of the rating will be a Digital Trend Curve. This should take about 2 Minutes to complete.