Going Live with Taube Pilates!

It's not too late to have your vote. We have 7 sessions to go. Please help me choose topics best for going live! I am planning to offer 10 live Pilates sessions. Each session will have a different focus. You will be able to send in your questions and comments during the live feed. I will try and answer as many of your questions as possible as I take you through some moves on each topic. The live sessions will start on Wednesday May 3 and run for 10 consecutive weeks on Wednesday at 1:30pm.

* 1. Please let me know what exercise programs and topics you would like. Please choose all that apply (up to ten)

* 2. Do you have any other suggestions for Taube Pilates Live?

* 3. Would you like the session to be:

* 4. How long would you like the live session to go for?

* 5. What type of workout would you like?

Thank you so much for helping with this! Looking forward to hearing your responses and seeing you questions and comments live starting on May 3!