Thank you so much for taking the time to take this survey - I am honoured you feel called to help :) Your answers are totally confidential and will only be seen and used by myself in formulating the future ideas, guidance and support I can offer you :)

* 1. What is the main desire & purpose you have for your life?

* 2. What would you say is your biggest fear in your personal and work life?

* 3. What are the things that  keep you up at night or keep going round and round in your head that you wish you could solve, overcome or eliminate?

* 4. What things make you feel successful and fulfilled in life & work?

* 5. What do you want to be able to finally figure out that will empower and enable you to change your life?

* 6. Do you think transforming your current life into a life you really love is possible?

* 7. If I offered you a solution that would help you overcome your fears and guide you on how you can transform your life into a life you really love, would you purchase it?

* 8. If I was to offer a progamme/package/service that would help transform your life for £995 what would it need to offer so you would want to run to your purse to purchase it straight away?

* 9. How quickly would you want to see results?

* 10. Why might you not purchase such a programme/package from me?