* 1. How satisfied were you overall with your last experience with ART?

* 2. How clean was the ART bus?

* 3. Please check any that apply to your driver.

* 4. Did your driver greet you when you boarded the bus?

* 5. How comfortable did you feel with the ART driver's operation of the bus?

* 6. How satisfied were you with the time it took for the bus to arrive?

* 7. If you traveled with children, elderly or the disabled, how satisfied were you with your experience?

* 8. Please help us to know how you traveled using ART.

* 9. How did you hear about ART service?

* 10. Did you use the ART map?

* 11. How easy was it to navigate our website and purchase tickets?

* 12. Please provide the following information so that we may effectively address your comments.

* 13. Would you use ART again?

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