Marias Care Center Family and Friends Satisfaction Survey

Marias Care Center's Mission is to create an atmosphere of care for residents and family members where spiritual, emotional and medical needs are met.
Your feedback will help us reach our mission. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete this satisfaction survey in regards to your loved one at Marias Care Center.

* 1. Please evaluate the Care at Marias Care Center

  Excellent Good Fair Poor N/A
How would you rate the overall care at Marias Care Center?
How respectful do you feel the Care Center staff are?
How would you rate the home-like environment of Marias Care Center?
How would you rate the laundry service at Marias Care Center

* 2. Communication

  Always Sometimes Never N/A
How well do you feel the Care Center staff listens to you?
How would you rate the communication back and forth with family and Care Center staff?
When you call Marias Care Center, is the phone answered in a timely fashion?
Are the staff members properly introducing themselves at the beginning of the call?
Are the staff members courteous?