Welcome to our Young Sustainable Entrepreneur Award

We are currently working on a project to provide linkage between our current members and the next generation of entrepreneurs. Below is the objective and target student base that we are seeking to support.


To provide a new avenue for young entrepreneurs to obtain real life experience and mentoring from existing business members of the community (PRBA members).

Target Students

1. Young Business Awards/$20 Boss program attendees
2. Any student with an interest in starting their own business
3. Anyone aged between 14-17

Target Mentors

1. Commitment to the program (min 9 months) - must be able to commit to 1 hour per fortnight for first 3 months and at least 1 meeting per month for 6 months
2. Must hold an Ochre Card
3. Current PRBA Financial Member

If you like the idea of this concept, please proceed to the survey to register your interest.

Thank you for your support.