BibLaTeX user/author survey

This is a survey to collect information to help the BibLaTeX/Biber developers to plan a development roadmap.

* 1. Which TeX distribution do you commonly use?

* 2. Which biblatex data backend do you use or which does your style support?

* 3. Are there specific reasons why you or your style requires a particular backend?

* 4. If you are a biber backend user or style author using biber features, which features of biber do you need/use?

* 5. If support for the bibtex backend were dropped from biblatex, would this impact or bother you?
Note that this only refers to the backend, not the .bib file format which will always be supported. Also, this has nothing to do with bibtex the program disappearing, only its use as a backend for biblatex.