Community Feedback Survey

Thank you for your interest in the development of the East Gippsland Regional Floodplain Management Strategy.

Please feel free to share your ideas or concerns, or any other matters that you see as important. The following questions may act as a prompt, however you do not have to respond to all (or any) of the questions. If you’d prefer to just comment, space is provided at the bottom of page.

* 1. Flood Impacts
How does flooding across the floodplain affect you and your community?  
Does flooding impact on your livelihood such your home, business and/or agriculture use?

* 2. Flood protection, management and preparation
How can your floodplain be better protected or managed from the impacts of flooding?
How do you think flood warnings for your community could be improved?
Are you and your community well prepared for the next flood?
How could preparation be improved?
What flood information would be most useful?

* 3. Environmental and cultural heritage considerations
How do you see the balance between managing flood risks and protecting the cultural heritage and environmental values of waterways and wetlands?

* 4. Draft Strategy
In the areas of the region that you are familiar with:
Does the Draft Strategy adequately capture the risks and impacts of flooding?
Do you think the proposed mitigation measures will be economical and effective?
Are there any other measures you believe should be considered?

Thank you for your interest in the development of the East Gippsland Floodplain Management Strategy. Please feel free to provide feedback below