Thanks for getting amongst this year's Christchurch Hospitality Awards (a.k.a. The Chevrons).

It's time to vote for your favourite finalists! 


Before you get started, let's get a few rules out of the way...

We've installed a bit of fancy wizardry to ensure there’s no funny business with the votes. In addition to that though, there are just a few of other guidelines in place to make sure it’s fair to all….

Who can submit a voting form?
A reminder that voting is open to industry members ONLY – you will be asked to specify your workplace and position to verify you are an industry member. There's no fooling us.
If you're a hospitality employee, establishment owner or supplier to the industry based in Canterbury, then congrats - you're able to get voting.

What are the cut off dates for voting?
You're eligible to vote for your favourite finalist in each category from Tuesday 19 September, until Friday 20 October 5pm. 

How many times can we vote?
You may only submit three voting forms, per business. Any forms submitted following that will be disregarded (and you’ll get a slap on the wrist for being cheeky).

How many categories do I need to cast a vote in?
As many, or as little, as you would like to. If you choose to only place a vote in only one of the categories, that’s fine. If you would like to place a vote in all categories, that’s fine and dandy also! 
BUT! Bare in mind - each business may only submit three forms in total. So it’ll be a bit of a waste if you only use it to cast votes in one or two of the categories… Just something to think about.

So, any questions before you get started? Either visit the FAQ page on our website or email us: