* 1. What is your favorite parts of www.AcromegalyCommunity.com? How would you want to enhance it?

* 2. Do you find www.AcromegalyCommunity.com to be visually appealing? Examples?

* 3. Is the website easy to use? Examples

* 4. Why would your friends/family want to use it?

* 5. Least favorite parts of www.AcromegalyCommunity.com? Why? How would you enhance or improve the things you dislike?

* 6. How would you improve the Community discussion page?

* 7. How would you want to see Acromegaly Community promote the page and/or reach out to patients and medical professionals for them to join our organization?
a. What is our VALUE?

* 8. Check boxes you would be interested in:

* 9. Would you be willing to participate in a phone conference about improvements to www.AcromegalyCommunity.com? If so, please leave your name, email, and phone number so we can contact you to schedule a meeting.