Join us in supporting SB 567 by Senator Durazo! The Homeless Prevention Act will better protect California’s low-income renters from unjust evictions and exorbitant rent increases. The bill responds to the present-day reality millions of California renters are facing and provides greater housing stability for more renter households by:

  • Closing loopholes that allow for rampant abuse of the no-fault just causes for eviction;
  • Expanding the population of protected tenants;
  • Limiting allowable rent increases to a more reasonable cap; and,
  • Providing mechanisms for accountability and enforcement.
SB 567 Homelessness Prevention Act Fact Sheets are available in Armenian, Chinese, English, Filipino, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Here is the bill text

To join our list of supporters, please provide the information below. We will list your organization on our fact sheet and keep you informed when it's time to send letters of support as the bill makes its way through the legislative process. We will also include your organization's logo on floor alerts (these are generally sent out in advance of a vote on the Assembly and Senate floors to encourage members to take a particular vote on a bill).

Please share this sign-on form with your networks to help us grow our support coalition and do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions about the bill.


¡Únete en apoyo al proyecto de ley SB 567 de la Senadora Durazo! La Ley de Prevención de la Falta de Vivienda protegerá mejor a los inquilinos de bajos ingresos de California de desalojos injustos y aumentos  exorbitantes de alquiler. El proyecto de ley responde a la realidad actual que enfrentan millones de inquilinos en California y proporciona una mayor estabilidad de vivienda para estos hogares al:
  • Cerrar lagunas legales que permiten el abuso desenfrenado de las razones concedidas  “sin culpa del inquilino” para el desalojo;
  • Ampliar la cantidad de inquilinos protegidos;
  • Limitar los aumentos de renta permitidos a un límite más razonable; y,
  • Proporcionar mecanismos para la rendición de cuentas y la aplicación de la ley.
Puedes leer la hoja informativa aquí en inglés y aquí en español.

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