Thank you for notifying us of the odors you experienced.  To enable the Western Placer Waste Management Authority and/or Placer County Air Pollution Control District to conduct a meaningful field investigation of the odor conditions, we encourage you to notify us (via this form) as close to the time that you experienced the odor as possible.

* 1. When did you experience the odor?

* 2. Approximately what time did you first detect the odor?


* 3. Approximately how long did you experience the odor?

* 4. Please describe the odor.

* 5. Please rate the intensity of the odor.

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Please rate the intensity of the odor with "1" being mild and "5" being strong.

* 6. Address and street name where you experienced the odor:

* 7. Additional information or comments:

* 8. To allow the greatest flexibility in contacting you to discuss the odor conditions, conducting a timely field investigation and to provide you with a summary of our investigation findings, please provide your name, telephone number (including area code) and email address in the spaces provided below:

Please note that any information you provide on this form may be subject to public disclosure, including sharing with other regulatory or municipal agencies or their agents.