Copy of page: Consent Form

Purpose of study:

· The purpose of this study is to gain insight into the challenges and connections associated with workers who have chronic illness. You must be working at least 25 hours a week in order to be part of this survey.

What you will be asked to do:

· This study will contain several facets: work engagement, turnover intention, depression, physical activity, health literacy, and concealable stigmatized identity. You will be asked to complete a survey based off of these authenticated scales.

Risks and benefits:

· The risks associated with this study come from the nature of what is being looked at. Chronic illness, depression, and workplace environments can be stressful subjects.

· There is no direct benefit to completing this survey, aside from the possibility of increasing awareness as to what chronic illness sufferers face on a daily basis.

All answers will be kept confidential:

· Names will not be asked for in the study. Names of organizations worked at will also not be requested to insure safety of participants from any potential judgment or action from a company.

Taking part of this survey is voluntary:

· You are in no way obligated to start or complete any of this survey. It is purely up to the participant.

If you have any questions, or would like to opt out after having submitted survey:

· You may contact the primary researcher of this topic, Christina Haugen Porter at

Question Title

* 1. By checking this box you will be verifying that you have read the consent form and agree to take part in the survey.

20% of survey complete.